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  • All about your skin!

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    Before you start building the 'new you', it's essential to understand how your skin works. As your body’s first line of defence against the environment, the skin is intricately designed to keep your internal organs safe and healthy. The skin is made up of 3 layers; ... .

  • 7 skincare hacks to look stunning

    As a man, we're always under pressure to perform & look well. Being succesfull is more than ever related to who we are and more importantly to how we feel. 

    One part on how we feel is related to our self confidence in the way we appear. Our looks is part of our image, so therefore I wanted to share with you these 7 simple tips for a better version of yourself. 

  • BOLD tips from us to you...

    Ever wondered why you are having lack of energy? You don’t have enough courage to start on that project you've always dreamed of? Do you also have that feeling like everything...
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