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To help you in your choice, we have made some packaged deals. Easy as 123 to start with the right skincare for you. No more time to waste nor having the chance in making bad choices. 

We always opt to stay within the same brands and their product lines so the basic and active ingredients may better correspond to each other which has a positive impact on the effectiveness on your daily skincare routine. 


Our Pro Skin Kits each have a range of high end products for the more advanced user (aka The Pro) or lightly aged skin. Both kits work actively against the first signs of aging by self-generate the skin. The present active principles teach the skin to recover more quickly and to set up a future aging defense system. 


To help you choose types of products or treatments, we have developed a number of kits that you can use right away. This way you immediately have the right products to quickly get to the desired result. 
No time to waste!

To ensure that the products work optimally, we always stay within the same brand. The basic ingredients then correspond better to each other, resulting in a faster and better result. 

Our two different Pro Skin Kits each include a range of high quality products for slightly more advanced users or slightly aged skin. Both kits actively interact with the first signs of aging by betting on, among other things self-regeneration of your skin. The ingredients present teach your skin to recover faster and to build a defense system for the future. They have a slightly more intense effect on your skin.

These boxes are aimed at the already advanced users (AKA The Pro's), slightly aged skin with some dullness or fatigue here and there. 

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