A few BOLD life-hacks from us to you!



Ever wondered why you are having lack of energy? You don't have enough courage to start on that project you always have dreamed of? Do you also have that feeling like everything else has a grip on your life expect you? And let's don't start about the infinite search to balance your work-family-love-life. Kids, work, hobbies, social life,… All those lovely things suddenly put a kind of pressure on you. If you recognize these things, then you life needs a definite change!

Here are some BOLD life-hacks from us to you. Small changes that will give you more energy, more courage to start new projects and more empowerment to live a happy and full-filled life.

1) Start your day with a BANG!

Stop being a “snooze-aholic”. Get up early! It doesn't matter how early you get up in the morning, you'll be tired anyway. Get up at 6AM and start your day with hydration and motivation. And this doesn't matter if you have kids or not: this is YOUR moment! Grab a glass of lukewarm water, squeeze ½ of lemon juice in it and enjoy an empowering podcast or read a chapter in your favorite book. And you'll see ... you'll feel more empowered! Anxious!

2) “Your body is your temple” ...

This maybe sound very cheesy but it's true. If you nutrition yourself with good food, sport often, take your supplements, you'll feel more empowered! And no, it doesn't have to be complicated or take a lot of time. Just crab your runningshoes and go for a run!
Always have a basic of healthy foods & greens in your fridge, skip alcohol in the week, drink lot's of water, don't do soda's and skip unhealthy desserts with lot's of saturated fats and carbs,… Instead of drinking a 6 pack weekly, you'll get one! Thank us later! ;-)

3) Self-care is the new HEALTHCARE

There were times that self-care was assumed the be not manly enough but remember the time of the Romains? Or remember the Roaring 20's? This is not new, this is the new way of living. Groom yourself daily, nourish your skin / hair / body with products that you'll feel and see the difference when you use them. Use only high quality skincare products because, yes, only you deserve the best! Cleanse your skin daily, moisturize it,… Yes your second half will think you'll be irresistible again!

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