Philip Martins The Deep C-Expert System
Philip Martins The Deep C-Expert System
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Philip Martins The Deep C-Expert System

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Welcome to the Expert Level !

Every mature man in life has his stories, his challenges, his experiences. The skin is often also the mirror of your soul. Scratches are a trace of that story. 
Your skin has been through some storms, but hey, you're still standing, right? 

Time to give your skin the best of the best. No compromises, just walk the talk!

This treatment provides a true treat and helps you in the fight against skin aging. Feeling 40, looking 30, being 50 to use as an example. Although you should certainly not wait until your 50th to switch to our Expert Level. 

As soon as you see and feel that your skin needs the firmer work, this is the kit for you! 

This in no more than 60 seconds per day, although we still recommend two skincare moments per day, in the morning and in the evening. 

Follow these simple 5 steps in this order:


Cloud Mousse, 30 seconds!

Ideal for use in the shower! Do not use cheap shower soaps for your face, they only ensure an even more dry skin!

Pump 1 time in your palm and clean your face well for 15 seconds and let it work on your face for 15 seconds. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.
Deep cleansing is a necessary step to prepare your skin for incorporating the active ingredients into the creams. A step that is too often forgotten, unfortunately! However, it makes a big difference and impact on the end result!


Face Scrub, 1 minute, 2x a week. 

This scrub with apricot kernel granules removes all dead skin cells, reactivates the skin, nourishes and moisturizes. This is an intensive operation, so 2x a week earlier is the norm. 

Use an amount of about a good teaspoon, can also be a little more. Rub your fingertips well around your nose, forehead, T-zone and temple area. Take your time for this action, scrub for 30 seconds, soak in for 30 seconds, then rinse thoroughly with water. 

After this action you immediately feel the benefits for your skin!


C-Tonic, 10 seconds!

Nope, we are not going to cut this in our Gin :-) 
Spray twice in your palm or cotton pad and rub well and evenly on your face. You will see, it penetrates quickly. Depending on your skin condition, you will quickly feel whether or not you should spray an extra time.
With this step we normalize the pH value of your skin to the desired level. Admittedly, unknown makes unloved, but just like cleaning, this phase is essential. Think of it as beer and foam, only when you have them together can you enjoy a fresh pint! 

4) THE MAGIC ...

Deep Skin, 10 seconds!

This is where the real work starts, only for real Pros!
This high-quality cocktail contains various active, organic ingredients that target the aging process. The fine molecular structure ensures that these ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin layers and release their active effect. 
They strengthen the fibroblasts and stimulate the production of collagen fibers, both essential for keeping your skin supple and taut for a long time 

Open the pipette and take 1 to 2 drops of this magical liquid in your palm and immediately rub directly on your face. You can also apply it directly to the skin. The forehead, nose, eye and T zone are the most important zones in this. 


C-Cream, 10 seconds!

The finishing touch! 
Pump 1x (for most skin conditions that is sufficient!) And massage well over all facial areas. Pay extra attention around the eyes, T-zone (eye socket under the eyebrows, bridge of the nose and around the nose) and the neck! Does it still feel dry? Feel free to wear something more, can't hurt!
This cream contains all the necessary ingredients to nourish and moisturize your skin. It keeps your collagen fibers (providing firmness and elasticity) awake so that you do not get sagging (= wrinkles!).

Last step, take a good look in the mirror. You will notice that your skin is more reactive and healthier!

Repeat these steps before going to sleep for optimal results!

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